Baby Carriers and Other Natural Parenting Products

Welcome to The Cloth Diaper Shop!

The Cloth Diaper Shop is an online, natural parenting store offering cloth diapers, baby carriers, soft-soled shoes, organic baby skincare products, and other natural and unique baby items.

If you are new to cloth diapering and feeling intimidated – don’t! We have lots of resources to help you get started. Click below to check out our Cloth Diapering FAQ and our other articles. Then head on over to our Facebook group to meet other cloth diaper-ers, see our products in action, and ask all your questions! It will be fun, I promise! Plus, you’ll save lots of trees and money! If you’re a veteran CD’er, come and join to share your experiences and help out a newbie!
Thirsties Pocket All-In-One

We are located in Ontario, Canada – specifically in the Niagara Region – but we are happy to serve customers from all over North America and overseas. To our local customers – we are happy to offer special services such as local delivery, free local pickup, and the opportunity to see and try our products in person before buying! Please contact me (Lisa) to set up a date and time to meet – I love the opportunity to meet other parents in the area and to spread the word about cloth diapering and babywearing! Even if you have already placed your order and are still confused or having problems I am happy to help, just ask!

What would you like to see for sale at The Cloth Diaper Shop? Whether it’s a particular brand of diaper, a specific colour or print of ones already available, or some other natural parenting product altogether, let me know and I will look into it or do my best to get it in for you quickly!

If you need to place a large order of a certain product and would like specific colours or prints that are not in stock – please email me and I will do my best to get a custom order to you asap!

Our goal is to spread the word to as many parents as possible about the benefits of cloth diapering and babywearing, and to provide parents an alternative to the big-box stores for their baby items.

Check out our newest product – MOMME Ring Slings!
They are made by an awesome mom of 3 (Kathryn) right here in Niagara! These slings come in great colours, are easy to use, and make being a mom easier by calming your baby and freeing up your hands. Check back soon as new reversible prints will be added! If you are new to babywearing, visit our babywearing articles page to learn more about the many benefits for parents and babies!