Pink Daisy Bamboo Nursing Pads 3 PAIRS

Pink Daisy Bamboo Nursing Pads 3 PAIRS

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The premium choice for breastfeeding moms.  Enjoy the comfort and softness of organic cotton with the superior absorbency and anti-microbial properties of bamboo.  Helps prevent embarrasing leaks and infection as you nurture your baby.

  •         Bamboo velour lined pads provide maximum comfort
  •         Hidden bamboo fleece layer provides maximum absorbency       
  •         Approximately 5 in diameter provides great coverage
  •         Conforms nicely to the breast
  •         Very discreet under clothing
  •         Breatheability helps in prevention and healing of sore nipples

TIPS ON USING: Change pads as soon as they become damp. This will reduce the risk of infection.

Sold in 3-pair packs.