Best GHD Hair Straightener Buying Tips

ertyjghfgdGHD hair straighteners are one of the most popular hairs straightener brands. They can be used both for straightening and curling one’s hair. In fact, this brand of hair straightener has been voted the best brand in more that one year. The popularity can be attributed to the many safety features and convenient attributes that the straightener comes with. Such attributes include the quality ceramic heating plates that it has, the temperature protection knobs, the static free surface that it has, sleep mode and the universal voltage controllers.

However, the popularity of this gadgets has made it the most counterfeited hair product. Non-authentic products that look to duplicate it have flooded the market claiming to be the original product. These gadgets do not have a warrant, nor do they have the exciting features that the original product has. Additionally, the fake item has a high risk of overheating and causing serious damage or even in some instances it can cause a fire.

At present, there are thousands of GHD dealers found all over the world. But the real challenge is getting the real GHD hair straightener? Here are some few tips on the features that you should look out for in an original and quality GHD hair straightener.

Original plates

A good hair straightener will always use pure and original plates. The plates are made of titanium, tourmaline, and ceramic. Therefore, ensure that the Planchas GHD that you purchase has pure plates, this is important because if you purchase a straightener that has plates of a lesser quality it will damage your hair and even when you use it in marking curls, they will not last for long.

It is lighter, hot and faster

A good GHD hair straightener will have the above properties. This is because most of them are made of titanium. This is why you will realize that a GHD straightener is recommended for those individuals who have stubborn curly and coarse hair. It can produce high temperatures that are essential in proper hair strengthening.ewrgthygfd

Adjustable heat settings

One major characteristic of a good hair straightener is the ability to adjust the heat settings. It enables one to have safe and controlled treatment regardless of the hairstyle that you want to achieve. Avoid any straightener that has a fixed heat knob since that one is not the original make.


An original GHD hair straightener will always have a warranty that lasts for a year or more. This is because the manufacturers know that the machine will offer consistent performance for a long period. If the machine that you want to purchase has no warranty, then know that it is a fake hence avoid it.…

Using Glasses To Make A Fashion Statement


Gone are the days where glasses or spectacles were only used for medical reasons (prescription glasses). As much as a doctor usually prescribes the kind of glass you need based on the condition of your eyes, a huge portion of modern glass wearers wear them with the intention of looking attractive. This explains why most glass wearers are overly concerned with the type and aesthetics of the lens and frame.

Choosing the right pair of glasses


Your face often starts growing around the spectacles. As such, it is imperative to grab a pair of glasses that complement your facial structures. Any smart buyer should take some time to explore the potential glamor the glasses would have on his or her face. As much as most people like wearing beautiful glasses, most of them do not what to look for when shopping for these type of glasses. Here are some essential tips to use when shopping for the “perfect” spectacles.


The color of a pair of spectacles matters a lot when it comes to matters aesthetics. Ideally, when choosing a color, you need to choose a color that matches with your complexion. First, you need to pick the right frames based. Secondly, you also need to have the right frame. Bright colors look great on individuals with light skin.


Your outfit plays a major role in bringing out your personality. As such, adding a pair of spectacles to complement your outfit. As such, when dressed in formal outfits, you only need a decent pair of glasses. Having an extravagant looking frame has the effect of making you look complicated. Therefore, besides just looking at your outfit, you also need to consider the occasion.


sdfcASAScaDBesides matters fashion, glasses are worn for other reason. As such, if you are fond of spending time on your smart phone or laptop, you need blue light blocking glasses to protect you from the harmful blue rays emitted by these devices. These glasses are recommended for anyone who uses digital gadgets on a daily basis or someone who works in an office setting. The other type of glasses one should have are polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes against UV rays from the sun.

Everyone is expected to have three pairs of glasses. The one for normal operations, the blue right protection one, and UV protection glasses. Just like our feet require different types of shoes, we also need to arm of eyes with different types of glasses.…